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The largest steel cutting company in NSW.

We are proud to source its Australian steel from

We are proud to source our Australian steel from

We are proud to source its Australian steel from


Between our steel plate cutting and stocking plants across Australia, We have the capacity to cut over 40,000 tonnes of steel plate per annum.


High Definition
Plasma Cutting

We have two machines used to program simple and intricate shapes in 3mm to 16mm plate with no drilling but intricate shapes.

Heavy Plate

Our Oxy-LPG cutting machines cut plate from 60mm up to 300mm. Considering the thickness these torches have to cut through the accuracy and straightness of the cut is impressive.

CNC Machines

Our multiple Kinetic plasma cutting/drilling machines can drill, countersink, counter bore, tap and bevel the majority of plate thicknesses we offer.

Drilling & Tapping

  • Drill Sizes: 6.8 – 50mm
  • Plate Thicknesses: 6 – 50mm
  • Tapping: M8 – M20
    (plates up to 32mm)


Our Kinetic machines can bevel up to and including 45 degree weld prep bevels on straight edge and contour shapes.

Press Brake

Our Press Brake equipment and a large selection of tooling allow us to form light sheets to heavy plates across a range of bend lengths. Our 5 Axes CNC machines give us the ability to turn around any requirement with repetition and speed while maintaining precision and accuracy.

Plate Rolling

Our Plate Rolling gives us the capacity to roll up 3.2m in length and down to a variety of diameters depending on plate thickness and bend length. We can roll Cylinders, Cones and Transitions in a wide range of material grades depending upon the requirement.